When I launched this book project, I wanted to try something different from the typical routine of book publishing. Call it a social experiment. Instead of going through the usual process of trying to get an agent, to then maybe get an offer from a publishing company, to then get a 10% share of the sales at best (if all goes well), I decided to take a radically different route.

I figured that I write for the people who will read the book, not for the publishers. If people believe in me and in the project, they will show their support. If the don’t, so be it. Naturally, it is a bit harder to go solo than it is to rely on someone else. You have to continuously prove your credibility, build a fan base, give interviews, write articles, manage your own promotion, and create a trust relationship with your audience.

I decided to go with the crowdfunding site IndieGoGo and in just a few weeks 78 people decided to support my project, exceeding my initial funding goal by 130%. This gave me the chance to hire a professional designer for the book cover and cover other expenses.

On my site ( there is a list of those forward thinking individuals who supported me during the campaign. Among them, a few stood out as particularly generous, so I would like to especially thank Ben McLeish, Marco Bassetti, Daniele Mancinelli, Mark Henson, Justin Gress, Eric Ezechieli, and Jonathan Jarvis.

One special thank you note goes to Manny Otto, who helped me revising the book after its initial publication.

Then to all my friends who gave invaluable advice, both in “real life”1 and in the virtual world, and to my Facebook fans and twitter followers.

Thank you all.

You are awesome.


1I should say AFK. I believe the Internet is real.

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