January 2014 Book Update

Dear friends,

I have a short but important announcement to make. The very first published version of "Robots Will Steal Your Jobs, but That's OK" contained some spelling mistakes and was in dire need of additional proofreading. The current revision (January 2014) should have all of that fixed, and for that I must thank my friends Immanuel Otto and Adam Waterhouse.

If you downloaded the PDF version, you should have received a download link via email with the latest revision. If you purchased the Kindle version, an update should be coming within 2-4 weeks (Amazon time, I can't control that), same goes for ePub and the iBookstore.

If instead you like paper and got yourself a physical copy, don't worry, I didn't forget about you! You may use Kindle MatchBook and get the Kindle version for free!

Thank you all for the support, between several book world tours and incredible discussions, it's been quite a ride.

Federico Pistono