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Speaking at TEDxVienna

I've been invited to speak at TEDxVienna, on November 3, at the Odeon Theatre. The theme for this year is INSTANITY: everything now.

Derived from the words ‘instant’ and ‘insanity’, it symbolizes the spirit of our technologically minted times: everything now. In a single minute, we could cook a microwave meal, or snap and print a photo, gather all the necessary information at the press of a single button, and even control an avatar with our mere thoughts. Technological development has become instant, but could that drive us insane? How could a human brain whose developmental processes occur in phases understand and make the best use of technological achievements that have been exponentially growing at an amazingly fast rate? At our conference, we would like to spread the ideas of people who make this exponential development possible. At the same time, we would like to explore the boundaries that have been significantly shaken and pushed by the instant technological development; how technology re-shapes our human nature and how we learn to control for the risks that inevitably come with it.

When: 03. November 2012
Venue: Odeon Theatre
Adress: Taborstr. 10, 1020 Vienna

There is a list of impressive speakers, I look forward to meet them and have an interesting discussion about the future. I myself am working on a very different talk from the one I gave at ZDAY2012 Vancouver back in March. This (I hope) will surprise you.

If you can, come and see it. I promise it will be worth it.

Tweet the Robot ReVolution, win a copy of "Robots Will Steal Your Job, but that's OK"

The Robot ReVolution is coming. November 5, 2012 is getting closer. Do you want to be the first to get a copy of the book "Robots Will Steal Your Job, but that's OK: how to survive the economic collapse and be happy"?. Here's how.

Interview at Singularity Hub

Singularity Hub features in their home page an interview with me. Go check it out ;)

Here's a 5 minute excerpt of the 1 hour long Google hangout.

Perestroika interview at Singularity University

My good friend Tiago Mattos of Perestroika interviewed me on my book "Robots will steal your job, but that's OK", the future of jobs and society, art, creativity, passion, and the technological singularity. The interview took place at NASA Ames research center, during the Graduate Study Program at Singularity University.

Original post on Perestroika (Portuguese) http://www.perestroika.com.br/?p=2905

Interview at Singularity 1 on 1

"Federico Pistono is perhaps the youngest guest I have ever had on Singularity 1 on 1. Despite that Federico is already a scientific educator, social activist, blogger and aspiring filmmaker. More recently, he is the author of a book called Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That's OK and an incoming student to Singularity University."

Thanks to Socrates for the interview:

Book cover contest winner

I like people. I like communities, I like the interactive process, I like the wisdom of crowds, and I love collaborations. You might have figured that out when I financed the book through a crowdfunding campaign, back in January 2012.

It should come as no surprise that for the book cover I decided to go with crowdsourcing. 99designs is pretty neat, and very simple. You set up a contest, describe what you want and how you want it, and designers from all around the world join in a friendly competition/collaboration, where they improve upon each others' ideas to create the best design, one that really fits you.

In just 7 days of contest I received 74 designs from 25 designers. The prize was set at $299, and it was won by a talented Mexican designer, who worked on 8 version before arriving at the final design, thus making him the winner.

As if that wasn't enough, I also relied on my facebook and twitter followers to decide upon the final two contestants, receiving more than 500 votes on the poll.

Another chapter of this collaborative experiment is finished, and there are more to come, before the final release of the book on November 5.

Thank you for helping out again, I hope you like the book cover!

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